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Origin:  Pasadena, CA


Genres:  Alternative 


Years Active:  2020-present


Label:  Proximity Records

Chaski is the new project from amazing songwriter/producer Rudy Llanos. He has been making music for the last two decades, singing in Spanish mainly, in 2020 he decided to move to a his next venture and transition to a new level on his career.  Rudy has written and produced 4 albums in English and Spanish that will be released in the next 3 years.  

Chaskis were the messengers from the Inca empire, they were a selected group of young kids between 18 to 25 that were raised from childhood and chosen for these four characteristics and skills. Youth, discretion, endurance and strength. Two thousand Chaskis ran day and night delivering messages covering about 50.000 miles of territory. It is said that a message within 300 miles away would take a day to be delivered which is amazing considering it was all on foot. 

"Hokus Pokus" is an album electronic based and computer generated music that make it very pop and certainly very fun to listen. The album will be out in 2022 following the release of the 2021 album "The Arrival". 

If you would like to hear more music from Rudy Llanos besides "Chaski" go to

NEW ALBUM "Hokus Pokus" OUT 2022
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Label: Proximity Records

Management: RLOne Music


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